New Sound, It’s Hip-Hop in the Upper Valley

A year ago last month, Tibbits founded her own promotion and management business, Legit Lioness Home entertainment, to support local underground hip-hop and R&B artists. She lets her artists record in her Lebanon house, which she’s changed into a makeshift studio space.

She knows that the majority of people’s concept of a hip-hop manager probably isn’t really a female who matured in Canaan on a steady diet of traditional rock– Janis Joplin and Creedence Clearwater Revival played on the soundtrack of her youth. Continue reading

Why Indigenous Artists Are Using Hip-Hop to Reclaim Their Heritage

The links between hip-hop and indigenous people aren’t apparent initially. Exactly what could pop-locking, graffiti-tagging sneaker heads potentially share with peoples whose cultures go back centuries in the Western hemisphere?

However as a few of the artists performing at the Hip-Hop: First Peoples, New Voices event at Grand Performances explain it, the links and parallels are plentiful in the music, the art, the narratives and the dances. Most important, hip-hop is a channel for these artists to reclaim their individuals’s culture and heritage by developing their communities with their own voices. Continue reading

Damian Marley Confirms Jay Z Is Working On New Music

In an interview with Billboard, the 39-year old reggae artist, and Tidal co-owner, said that Jay Z was in Jamaica just recently and the two of them struck the studio together to work.

” We did some work in the studio recently and he wanted to come to Jamaica to obtain a tour of the location,” he stated. “Well, I did some work with him for some things that he’s working on. I’m not really sure of the details of his task in that sense, but we worked on some music together. I have actually been a fan of his music because he came out. We’ve never done any musical work together. That was a pleasure to lastly work together musically.” Continue reading