Important Points To Keep In Mind When Buying Heavy Duty Semi Trucks

Trucks are divided into several categories. They are also classified as per their weight. There are light duty trucks as well as heavy duty trucks. The heavy duty trucks have a gross weight of approximately 15,000Kgs.  There are different types of heavy duty semi trucks, depending on the manufacturer. For any new semi-truck, the following are some of the important things to check and have in mind when buying;


The prices of any heavy trucks for sale highly differ. This will be highly dependent of the manufacturer of heavy duty trucks.  It is important to check and shop around for the best prices.  Additionally, have in mind that some other factors determine the price of any heavy duty semi trucks. Some of these include the insurance offered as well as the truck’s fuel efficiency. Trucks offering diesel compatible engines are less expensive.

Body or cab design

Semi-trucks offer different body or cab designs. The truck cabs come in three main cab designs. These are:

·         Regular cab – a regular cab design offers two truck doors and has larger or extra storage space. The trucks have an easy cargo loading ability as they have a rear clamshell door.

·         Extended cab – the extended cab semi-trucks have small hinge from doors. They have a less passenger capacity

·         Crew cab – these have full sized four doors. They also have an easy cargo loading ability. Depending on the purpose of your truck, shop for the most convenient cab design.

Engine and fuel efficiency

For any new heavy duty trucks for sale, a manual on the engine is provided. Ensure you thoroughly understand the engine’s functionality. Heavy duty semi trucks mainly offer a six cylinder engine. If you are in need of fuel efficiency which eventually lowers the operation costs, shop for trucks with diesel engines. The V8 or V10 trucks provide for marginal fuel economy. Mainly, most semi-trucks are fuel efficient and cheap to insure, unless when one is buying a second-hand semi-truck.

Driving and traction

Semi-trucks are provided with either automatic or manual transmission.  They may also be two or four wheelers. The trucks offer electronic traction control. It is possible to add trucks wheels, which adds its towing power. Consider the purpose of your truck and shop for the most efficient one.

Towing capability

A semi-truck can tow from between 3000 to 7000 pounds. Heavy duty trucks tow more weight than the semi ones. If you are intending to buy a truck, checking the axle ratios is important. Axle ratios determine a truck’s towing capacity and also its fuel economy.


Semi-trucks come with several installed safety devices. Mainly, they provide safety belts on all front seats. Some also offer front airbags. However, most of the trucks do not provide side airbags, and one should have them fitted when needed. Most semi-trucks do not offer rear seat crash protection gears. This should be fitted by qualified mechanics when needed.


A semi-truck requires routine checks as well as preventive maintenance. Additionally replacement of faulty parts should be done as soon as they are noticed. This helps in prolonging truck life and performance.

Post Author: Hillary