New Sound, It’s Hip-Hop in the Upper Valley

A year ago last month, Tibbits founded her own promotion and management business, Legit Lioness Home entertainment, to support local underground hip-hop and R&B artists. She lets her artists record in her Lebanon house, which she’s changed into a makeshift studio space.

She knows that the majority of people’s concept of a hip-hop manager probably isn’t really a female who matured in Canaan on a steady diet of traditional rock– Janis Joplin and Creedence Clearwater Revival played on the soundtrack of her youth.

” My moms and dads were cyclists, just in case you could not tell by my character,” she stated.

However as she aged, she increasingly found herself drawn to the values and energy of hip-hop music.

” I have no idea ways to explain it in words. Something just moved in me when I heard artists Run-DMC,” she said. “Mary J. Blige. Discuss a strong, powerful female.

” Oh, and Beyonce. Duh.”

Because founding Legit Lioness– named for her Zodiac sign, Leo, and for the lion’s capability for both strength and tenderness– she has actually booked between 30 and 40 shows for her 8 artists.

Among these artists is Yung Breeze, aka 22-year-old Christopher Brown, of Springfield, Vt. Breeze has just recently taken home a few titles from the New England Hip Hop Awards, run by the award-winning hip-hop-themed music promotion website Breeze won first place in the slot competitors, which was based exclusively on efficiency, and the independent record label he founded, Street Religion, was named among 4 best hip-hop crews. The tune Cold War is also up for individuals’s Choice Award, for which voting closes on July 21.

On June 17, she provided a display of her artists at The Engine Space in White River Junction. It would be journalistically fair to state that Street Faith brought down the house: Though the event was arranged to end at 1 a.m., security might not stop the audience’s demand for a repetition efficiency.

” It assists to have artists that are talented,” Tibbits stated. “Certainly.”.

However, her artists stated, it likewise assists to have Tibbits.

” Cass has actually been like a big sis,” stated Jun Fargo, of Springfield, Vt., one of the artists signed to Street Religion. When he’s not carrying his inner John Legend, Fargo operates at a filling station; like numerous of the artists spoke with for this short article, he was homeless at one point in his life and sees hip-hop as a way to elevate himself from his pain.

Fargo stated that, as a previous cog in the foster care system, to have his talent verified by Tibbits “implies whatever.

” She’s not money-hungry, and she does not play favorites,” Fargo said. “She watches out for each and each of us. She’s real people.”.

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